Worst Personal Injury Case Mistake You Could Make

Worst Personal Injury Case Mistake You Could MakeWhen you are looking to get compensation for your injuries, you are likely unsure of what to expect. We want you to know what the worst personal injury case mistakes you could make are. Give this a read, then get in touch with us for a free consultation.

Giving a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company

Recently, someone in Hamlet called and wanted to know if it’s a good idea to go ahead and give a recorded statement about their injury to the corporate representative contacting them. The answer is, no, it’s not a good idea. Much, much more goes into a recorded statement than you might ever imagine. To begin with, the person who is taking a recorded statement for the corporation or the insurance company they represent has taken hundreds, maybe even thousands, of recorded statements. They have experience with how people answer questions, and they’ll use that experience to try to put you in the most negative light or maybe even get you to say something that actually will kill your case before it can every start.

Second of all, there’s all kinds of review that someone needs to make before they give a recorded statement. For example, in a recorded statement, you’re going to be asked, “Have you ever had any other injuries to your back or to a particular part of your body?” Well, most people can’t really answer that question because most people don’t keep a running catalog of their injuries over the course of their life. A lot of people will answer kind of flippantly, “No, I’ve never had an injury to my back before.”

The person asking that question on the other end, they know there’s a good chance that we’ve all complained about our back or a backache to a doctor before, particularly the older we get. As a result, they’re jumping for joy, because the next thing they’re going to do after the recorded statement is they’re going to ask you to sign a release to get all of your medical records going back 30 years, maybe more. Then they’re going to look for any record that shows that you’ve had an injury to your back. Then they’re going to claim you told a lie – “You said in your recorded statement you never injured your back, but 22 years ago, you told Doctor X that you hurt your back while you were lifting your child and you had a backache.” You’d forgotten all about that, but, guess what? Now the insurance company and the corporation are going to try to use that recorded statement to make it out like you’re a liar.

These are just two examples of why you should never give a recorded statement, unless you consult an attorney and unless you have an attorney with you when you give the recorded statement. A lot of times the recorded statement gets put off or it never happens because, when you come to my office, we’re going to do all the legwork to make sure you don’t get tricked in a recorded statement. Sometimes, when the insurance company sees that their trickery isn’t going to work, they just never reschedule the recorded statement.

When you are looking to have a successful case, please keep in mind the worst personal injury case mistake you could make. Our lawyers look forward to hearing from you for a free initial consultation.

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