Workers Compensation Wage Replacement Benefits

After a workplace injury you may be awarded workers compensation wage replacement benfits to help with your loss of work. Watch this video to learn more.


Could I be entitled to wage replacement if I’m unable to go back to work or make as much money as before my injury?


In North Carolina, you are able to make a determination about your rights at a point when you reach maximum medical improvement. That is when your doctor says that you’re as well as you’re going to be and that you have a permanent restriction. In North Carolina, it’s very important for you to contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney at the earliest time possible because, a lot of times, employers will send you to doctors that know that you have a permanent restriction, that know that your body is not going to do what it used to do, but will still say that you have no restrictions.

If you have no restrictions, Workers Compensation Wage Replacement Benefitsyour settlement is going to be very limited. If you do have restrictions that are permanent, then you may be entitled to the fact that you’ve had to take a cut in pay and a settlement based on the cut in pay— not, say, the lowest form of settlement in North Carolina, the rating. If your restrictions are so severe that you can’t work altogether, then you’re also entitled to a settlement based on the fact that you can’t return to work at all. Under the right circumstances, you may even be entitled to lifetime benefits, but that’s going to take some serious work. That’s going to take the analysis from a workers’ compensation attorney that’s experienced in Richmond County, NC.

A settlement of a workers’ compensation case in North Carolina is a complex thing. If you’ve got a serious injury, you need an experienced Richmond County, NC workers’ compensation attorney to advise you and help you build your case. Don’t hesitate to call our office right away to give us time to start working on your case so that at the end of the case, we can get what you’re entitled to really have by law, not something that the employer just wants to give you, which is usually a few crumbs.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured at work in North Carolina and have questions about workers compensation wage replacement benefits? Contact experienced Richmond County, NC worker’ compensation lawyer H. Bright Lindler today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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