Workers’ Comp Timeline

There are several factors that will determine the workers’ comp timeline when seeking justice for a workplace injury in South Carolina. Contact our office.


How long will my workers’ comp case take to resolve?


TheWorkers’ Comp Timeline other day, someone called me from Cheraw. They wanted to know why their workers’ compensation case was taking so long. I had to ask them some more questions. I had to ask them what kind of injuries they had, for one. What type of surgeries, if any, had they had? What was their doctor telling them about their future with respect to medical care? After I got that information, I was able to explain to this person from Cheraw that their workers’ compensation claim is tied to their healing period, and their body heals at its own rate. Different people heal in different time frames. If you settle your workers’ compensation case before your medical treatment is complete, you can end up having to need further medical care including further surgery, and then you have to pay for those medical bills. The reason your workers’ compensation claim is taking time is because your body is taking time to heal. You need to have an experienced workers’ compensation attorney monitoring your case while all of this is going on in South Carolina. Feel free to contact our office so that we can begin to monitor your case, plan for the day when your employer says we’re going to try to cut our losses, and we don’t care if it’s at your expense or not. That day will come. Contact our office so that we can begin to plan for that day and turn the tables on them, if necessary, to protect your rights and your family.

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