Unsafe Property Conditions

If you were injured on somone’s estate due to unsafe property conditions, you may have a strong claim. Check out this video and call our office for a free review.


What is an unsafe condition of property in a premises liability case?


Recently, someone from South Carolina called me and told me they had been injured in a store. They wanted to know what kind of trip hazards a store could be liable for. In South Carolina, there’s three kinds of trip hazards that a store can be liable for. First, a store can be liable for a trip hazard that can easily be fixed, but just wasn’t. Next, a store can be liable for a trip hazard that should be guarded until it can be fixed, but wasn’t.

Finally, a store or shopping center in South Carolina can be liable for a trip hazard that can’t be guarded, but that needs warning signs. There’s a number of ways a trip hazard can be warned. They can be warned with orange or yellow cones. They can be warned with yellow tape. They can be warned with orange flags.

These are three types of trip hazards that can occur in a South Carolina shopping mall or a South Carolina store that the owner can be liable for. If you’ve been injured by any of these trip hazards, then call our office right away. Speed is very important after being injured by a trip hazard because evidence can go away. Medical care needs to go forward right after the injury occurs.

We can help you get these things accomplished. Give our office a call so that we can help you identify what type of trip hazard you were injured by and we can get your case moving by making certain that you get the medical care to document your injuries. You don’t have to deal with an insurance adjuster that’s trying to take a recorded statement from you. Give our office a call. Let’s get to work.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured by a estate hazard in South Carolina and have questions about unsafe property conditions? Contact experienced South Carolina premises liability lawyer H. Bright Lindler today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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