Unsafe Condition of Property

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What is an unsafe condition of property in a premises liability case?


Recently, someone from North Carolina called me and told me they had been hurt at a shopping mall. They wanted to know if the mall had an obligation to have protected them from the trip hazard that occurred. A trip hazard in North Carolina can be three things.

Unsafe Condition of Property It can be a trip hazard that is unrepaired and not eliminated. It can be a trip hazard that is unguarded so that you can’t fall in it. Finally, it can be a trip hazard that patrons were not warned of. It can’t be guarded, so yellow tape has to be put around it, orange cones have to be put around it, yellow flags, etc.

Those are the types of trip hazards that can occur in North Carolina in shopping malls, in stores, and even in personal residences. If you have been injured by these types of trip hazards where these things weren’t done, you need to call an experienced premises liability attorney. Call our office and we can help you.

You need to call our office quickly because things change, evidence gets swept away, and sometimes insurance adjusters will be calling you and being pushy about getting a statement. Call our office about these three types of trip hazards that can harm people and may have harmed you. Give our office a call.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured on another person’s property in North Carolina and have questions about the unsafe condition of property? Contact experienced Richmond County, NC premises liability lawyer H. Bright Lindler today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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