Unemployment and Workers’ Comp

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Could I receive unemployment insurance benefits and workers’ comp if I’m unable to return to work?


Just the other day, someone in Chesterfield called my office and wanted to know if they qualify for unemployment benefits. They explained to me that they were receiving workers’ compensation benefits and that they were still under treatment from the doctor, but even though they were getting workers’ comp benefits, they were still struggling to pay their bills. Unfortunately, this would be a mistake. When you’re receiving workers’ compensation benefits in South Carolina, you’re telling the world that you’ve been injured, that your ability to perform your old job is non-existent or terribly impaired, and that’s why you get your workers’ compensation benefits. When you apply for unemployment benefits in South Carolina, you’re telling the world that you’re quite able and ready to go to work, that you don’t have any disabilities. You are saying you just need a job because somebody’s laid you off because of a bad economy. When you file a workers’ comp claim and an unemployment claim, you are contradicting yourself in a legal sense.

There are times Unemployment and Workers’ Compwhen you can reconcile that contradiction, but for the most part, you can’t. In order to protect yourself, contact our office and let us review your case. We can make certain you don’t say something you really don’t mean that the employer can use later on to try to get a credit against your workers’ compensation settlement because you received some unemployment benefits or, worse, cut off your workers’ comp benefits because you applied for unemployment benefits and then turn around and see the employer deny your unemployment benefits. You can end up with nothing, so call our office. Let us sort through this with you and make sure that we can stop you from stepping into a hole that you can’t see that – because nobody gave you a course in workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits Nobody studies these things in high school, and you’re not supposed to know. Contact our office. Let us help you, and let us fight for you in your workers’ compensation case. We’ll be glad to help.

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