Timeline for Workers’ Comp in North Carolina

Would you like to know the details about the general timeline for workers’ comp in North Carolina? Check out this video if you need legal help.


How long will my workers’ comp case take to resolve in North Carolina?


The other day, someone called me from North Carolina, and they said my case never seems to be ending. Why is it taking so long? I asked some more questions of that person, and I said, well, what kind of injuries have you had? What kind of treatment have you had? Have you had any surgeries? Are you going to have to have any more surgeries? Who’s paying for this medical treatment? Your case goes along with the medical treatment that has to occur, and doctors will take their time doing their best to get you well even if it takes a long time for you to heal. The legal part of a workers’ compensation claim in North Carolina doesn’t really heat up until you are at the end of your healing period, so your workers’ compensation claim will last as long as it takes you to reach something called maximum medical improvement, which means that you’ve gotten as well as you’re going to be from this injury.

This doesn’t mean Timeline for Workers’ Compthat you don’t need an attorney all along because employers, even good ones at times or workers’ compensation carriers, will play tricks while all of this is going on, but the bottom line to answer the question is your case will take as long as it takes for your body to heal. The two are related to each other. If you need more medical treatment, then the legal part of your case is not ripe for any type of settlement because if you’ve got more medical treatment, that means you’re going to have more bills, and if you settle your case too soon, how are you going to pay those bills later? If you are having problems with a case that seems to be dragging on, you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Feel free to call my office in North Carolina, and we will be glad to help.

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