Timeline for a Premises Liability Case

Were you involved in a premises liability accident in North Carolina? Watch this video to learn about the timeline for a premises liability case.


How long will it take to resolve my premises liability case?


Recently, one of my clients was seriously injured in a premises case in which they couldn’t see a trip hazard that should have been eliminated, guarded against, or warned about and, as a result, had serious injuries that required surgery and even required hardware in their foot. Yet, the medical bills are mounting, the bill collectors are calling, and our client was being worn down by this. They wanted to know how long it would take for the case to resolve. Unfortunately, what we have to do is plan for the worst and hope for the best.

First of all,Timeline for a Premises Liability Case we have to prepare your case for trial because, in North Carolina, most premises cases have to go to trial. We have to show the people that did wrong here that you’re not going to be ambushed in trial. We have to show that we’re not going to give away our power in a settlement negotiation. The way we do that is to prepare for trial.

The second thing that has to happen is you have to complete your treatment. Your personal injury timeframe for resolving your case is tied into how long it takes you to heal. Your doctor is going to tell you that only time will heal your injuries. Then your doctor may say you may need a second surgery, or you may need surgery to take the hardware out. The timing of your case for resolution is linked to the time it takes your body to heal. Sometimes that’s not predictable, but even so, it may take a year or even a year and a half.

You can’t settle a personal injury case that came from a premises trip and fall where somebody didn’t guard against a trip hazard until you know what type of medical treatment you might need in the future. You don’t want to settle your case and then find out that you need another $50,000 surgery. It’s taxing and it’s frustrating, but the timing of your case is also dictated by how fast you heal.

Understand that we are experienced with handling these types of frustrations and these types of cases. Call us; we’ll talk to you more. We’ll also explain what’s going to need to be done to get your case prepared to go to trial because, in Richmond County, NC, premises cases are very difficult. The only way you might get your cases settled is to prepare it for trial. If you’re willing to do that, call our office. We’re here to help.

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