Timeline for a Personal Injury Case

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How long will it take to resolve my personal injury claim?


Recently someone called me who had a personal injury case in Richmond County, NC, and they were still treating with their doctor; they even needed another surgery. They were under a lot of financial pressure because they hadn’t been able to work, and they wanted to know when they could settle their case and, if they couldn’t settle their case, how long it would take to settle their case. Timeline for a Personal Injury Case

When you are bringing a case for personal injuries, the reason the law allows you to bring a case is to make you whole from the damage that occurred when you were injured. A lot of times the damage that you sustained can’t truly be assessed until the doctors finish their part of the case. For example, if you settle your workers’ comp case before you even know what the doctors are going to recommend, you may find out that you’ve settled too soon. Your doctor may need to do more surgeries or more medical treatments, for example. We all know what that means – more medical bills and more pain and suffering. Your case depends on your medical treatment. Your case can’t really be ready for settlement or filed until your medical treatment is completed.

In addition, an attorney that’s going to take your case before a jury needs to do a lot of homework with the case. One of the things the attorney might need to do is to put your case in front of a focus group to get a sense of how other people that might be on a jury look at your case. Sometimes, they need to do it several times. This can take time because some of the information that needs to go before the focus group won’t be available until the doctors finish what they’re going to do.

These kinds of things are considerations that go into when a case can be settled, if a case can be settled, and also explain, at times, why cases can take so long. In the long run, though, if you settle too soon, you may be selling yourself short. Call our office. We’ll be glad to evaluate your case, determine what needs to be done, and answer your questions. Maybe we can help your case develop so that it settles sooner rather than later. Preparing a case is the best way to get a case settled in the long run. Call our office. We’re here to help.

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