Settling Your Workers’ Comp Case

There are several important things to know about settling your workers’ comp case. Dedicated South Carolina attorney H Bright Lindler can help you.


What are important things to know about settling a workers’ comp case?


Recently, someone called my office from South Carolina that had their case moving along and they received a notice that they had to go to a hearing to begin to determine how their case was going to be settled. There are two aspects to settling a workers’ compensation case in South Carolina. First of all, if you’re someone that has not had an attorney to oversee your case and you know you’ve had serious injuries and you know that you can’t do what you used to do, then you need an attorney to oversee your case. Find doctors and vocational counsellors that can bring out, in paperwork, the things that you know in your heart to be true.Settling Your Workers’ Comp Case

Knowing that in your heart and proving it in court are two different things. In order to prove it in court, you’ve got to bring it out through qualified people and paperwork. An experienced South Carolina attorney will know how to do this. You have to give that experienced South Carolina attorney enough advance notice to get it done, as your case is going. If you do get in that situation, call. Even if you find yourself at the end of the road or thinking that you’re getting pressure to settle your case, go ahead and call our office. We will still figure a way to get the work done for you.

The second part of settling a case is the paperwork itself. When you settle a workers’ compensation case in South Carolina, at the end of the case you have to sign a legal document that has really nothing but lawyer talk in it. The lawyer talk has a lot of big words that have to be in there. You need an attorney that’s going to cut through the chase and explain to you in simple terms what you’re signing in that legal document. You need an attorney that knows how to make sure there’s no legal tricks in the document and other appropriate legal language that needs to be in the document, to protect your rights and to protect your interests. You’re going to need an attorney in that regard.

To be truthful, you don’t really want to settle your case by yourself and then try to go see an attorney to look over the paperwork. Most attorneys aren’t going to want to look over the paperwork at that point because they haven’t been able to participate during the course of the case. They’re not going to feel confident that they can advise you to settle the paperwork. Sometimes, an insurance company will send paperwork to a person who’s been injured and tell them to go get an attorney to sign off on it. That’s not realistic. That’s just the insurance company trying to put one over on you, and the attorney can’t sign a document when he doesn’t know enough about the case. It’s not all about the attorney didn’t get paid anything, it’s also about the attorney signing off on a case that he knows really nothing about. That puts him in an awkward situation because when the paperwork is signed, that attorney is saying that he knows about the case.

When you are approaching your settlement, immediately contact an experienced South Carolina attorney. Give that attorney time to know your case so that when it comes time to sign the paperwork, everybody knows the facts and knows what’s going on in the case, and you can get your case signed off on appropriately.

Call our office. Call us as soon as you possibly can and let us help you. Don’t wait until the last minute because it can cause problems. Even though it can be scary going to an attorney, if you’re going to have to sign a paper with a lot of lawyer talk in it, you need to hire the attorney in time for the attorney to know the case, so the attorney can truly advise you on that paperwork. The courts are going to require that paperwork. You can’t necessarily settle your case without the paperwork.

Call an experienced South Carolina attorney and let them advise you.

Were you or a loved one hurt on the job in South Carolina and have questions about settling your workers’ comp case? Contact experienced South Carolina worker’ compensation lawyer H. Bright Lindler today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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