Settling a Workers’ Comp Case in North Carolina

Do you have questions about settling a workers’ comp case in North Carolina? Watch this video to get more information about the workers’ compensation laws


What are important things to know about settling a workers’ comp case?


Recently, someone called me from North Carolina and said, “I’m about to go to my doctor, and I think that doctor is going to release me to return to work.” At that point, you’ve waited a long time to contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. If you’re still at that point, with a lot of hard work, we can still make up for the lost time, but we’ll be playing catch-up.

When you go to settle your case, you have to really understand the extent of your injuries, and going through a workers’ comp system, set up by the employers, directed by the employers to company doctors, does not ensure that you’re really going to be aware of your true injuries and your true limitations. You have to know what your limitations truly are. You have to know what kind of abilities will allow you to compete for a new job after you’ve healed up and you’re as well as you’re going to be, and you’re going to have to determine what you can do. If you’ve never worked a desk job in your life, but you now have physical injuries that mean you can’t go back to the kind of work that you’ve done in the past, then you need an experienced Richmond County, NC workers’ compensation attorney to help you prepare to settle your case and to make certain that you aren’t taken advantage of.

When Settling a Workers’ Comp Casethere is an actual paper settlement, there’s a lot of different legal issues and paperwork things that the attorney is going to handle for you, explain to you, and check for you so that you don’t sign something and make a mistake because you didn’t realize what you were going to sign. There’s really two parts to this question. First, before you settle, you have to be thoroughly educated on the true extent of your injuries, and you have to have doctors that are going to evaluate you fairly. Once you do reach an agreement, the paperwork needs to be read over by an attorney who understands all the lawyer talk and understands how your case may interact with potential other claims that you might have, so that you don’t sign paperwork and find out that you signed something you really didn’t understand and you can’t take it back.

You need an experienced Richmond County, NC attorney to help you with these things. Call our office and we will help you.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured at work and have questions about settling a workers’ comp case in North Carolina? Contact experienced Richmond County, NC worker’ compensation lawyer H. Bright Lindler today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

We will fight for you and your family.

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