Scheduled Loss of Use in North Carolina

After an injury, you may be awarded a scheduled loss of use in North Carolina to compensate for your loss of earning power. Check out this video to see how we can help.


What does scheduled loss mean regarding my workers’ comp case?


In North Carolina, you may have heard about something called a scheduled loss, or you may have even heard about the rating. In fact, some people who have been injured on the job, that’s really what they know about workers’ compensation. When you have a serious injury with permanent impairment, you need to consult with an experienced Richmond County, NC attorney, because a scheduled loss injury or a rating injury is the lowest form of settlement in North Carolina. If you have a serious injury that prevents you from doing your past work or prevents you from working at all, you may well be entitled to more benefits than a scheduled loss injury or rating.

A lot of times theScheduled Loss of Use employer knows their rights, and they know your rights, and they realize you don’t know all your rights because this is the first time you’ve ever been through anything like this. As a result, they will offer the employee the rating and act like they’re doing a favor to the employee when, in fact, the employee is entitled to much more. Contact our office and know that many, many times we have taken someone who has been offered a rating and gotten them a much better legal result, even after our office was paid, because the employer was trying to take advantage of them and only offer them a scheduled loss or rating settlement when their losses were much greater. Contact our office and let us help you.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured at work in North Carolina and have questions about scheduled loss of use? Contact experienced Richmond County, NC worker’ compensation lawyer H. Bright Lindler today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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