Scheduled Loss Award

If you you were seriously injured at work you maybe be given a scheduled loss award for bodily injury. Watch this video to see how you would be eligible.


What does scheduled loss mean regarding my workers’ comp case?


The other day, someone called me from South Carolina that had not had an attorney. They wanted to know what a scheduled loss injury was and how it related to the rating. In South Carolina, when you have an injury to a certain body part, at the end of your treatment, you’re going to receive a rating if the doctor is going to believe that you’re hurt enough to rate you, or if the doctor is not so biased for the employer that they’re going to rate you with zero.Scheduled Loss Award

In South Carolina, it’s very important to have an experienced South Carolina attorney review your case and monitor your case as quickly as possible. The reason this is important is because in South Carolina, the number of body parts that are injured impacts your rights in a big way. A lot of times, you may have a rating to more than one body part even though your main injury was, say, in your low back. The number of body parts that are rated in South Carolina is very important in determining what type of settlement you can receive in the end.

It takes an experienced South Carolina attorney who knows how to read the medical records, interpret the medical records, and knows how to get second opinions from doctors that haven’t been influenced by the company to protect your rights. Call our office so that we can dig deep and find a way that’s legitimate and fair to determine the true extent of all your injuries and find doctors that are not going to be influenced by the employers and the workers’ compensation carriers. It can be very important in your case to look beyond a simple scheduled injury to a body part in South Carolina. Call us; we want to help.

Were you or a loved one hurt on the job in South Carolina and have questions about a scheduled loss award? Contact experienced South Carolina worker’ compensation lawyer H. Bright Lindler today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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