Returning to Work After a Workers’ Comp Injury

If your company doctor and family doctor in South Carolina disagree about returning to work after a workers’ comp injury, watch this video for guidance.


What should I do if the company doctor releases me to go back to work but my own doctor disagrees?


Recently, I had someone from South Carolina call me and tell me that their doctor had released them to return to work even though their family doctor thought that they weren’t ready to go back to work and probably could never go back to the job that they had worked before they got hurt. This happens a lot.

If you’ve got a company doctor that’s not listening to you, that’s not ordering the right tests, won’t spend any time with you, that’s a red flag that this doctor, when the time comes, is not going to be supportive of you when it’s time to release you. That’s a red flag that the doctor is going to say you can do things that you really can’t do. That includes you can go back to your old job, when it’s really like putting a round peg into a square hole.Returning to Work After a Workers' Comp Injury

Your family doctor has told you that he or she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for you to return to work. When this happens, you need to contact an experienced South Carolina attorney right away that specializes in South Carolina workers’ compensation cases to protect your rights. If you do this, that attorney can begin to send you to doctors that are going to be more honest in the way they evaluate your injuries. Sometimes family doctors don’t have the special expertise that will be needed in court to give an orthopedic opinion to combat the orthopedic opinion that the company sent you to.

You need to know if the doctors that are going to treat you are fair. The way to learn that is to contact our office. We know the doctors that are good; we know who the doctors are that are bad. A family doctor might send you to another orthopedist, but the family doctor is only going to look at how good a surgeon that doctor is. The family doctor’s not going to look at whether this surgeon respect your rights in a workers’ comp cases. You need an attorney that can help you find a doctor that’s a competent surgeon or a good surgeon and also respects your rights under workers’ compensation.

After all, doctors won’t be around to pay your bills after they release you; you’re responsible for paying your bills, and you’re responsible for taking care of your family. The doctors just move – collect their fees, and just move onto the next case. Call our office so we can protect you and your family.

Were you or a loved one hurt on the job in South Carolina and have questions about returning to work after a workers’ comp injury? Contact experienced South Carolina worker’ compensation lawyer H. Bright Lindler today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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