Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries are unique workers comp’ cases because these injuries happen gradually over time. Call our office for a free consultation.


Are repetitive motion injuries covered under workers’ comp?


Recently, someone from South Carolina called my office that worked on an assembly line and said that they’re beginning to feel numbness and tingling in their hands. They are beginning to have their hands wake them up at night just hurting. They explained to me they had gone to a plant nurse and reported their injury. The plant nurse told them, oh, you’re sleeping on your hands wrong and gave them some Tylenol.

You may be developing what we call in South Carolina an occupational disease of carpal tunnel syndrome. If this is happening to you and you’re getting the runaround, you need an experienced South Carolina workers’ compensation attorney to begin to fight for you and advise you on how to proceed. In South Carolina, you need find an attorney who can send you to doctors that are going to give you honest opinions about what’s wrong with your hands and what you need to do in the future to protect your hands after surgery, if surgery is necessary.

An attorney Repetitive Motion Injuriesknows the right doctors and can see when a plant is attempting to trick you by telling you things like you’re sleeping on your hands wrong. That’s a red flag that you need an attorney in South Carolina with experience in workers’ compensation. Call our office and let us fight for you and your family.

Were you or a loved one hurt on the job in South Carolina and have questions about repetitive motion injuries? Contact experienced South Carolina worker’ compensation lawyer H. Bright Lindler today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

We will fight for you and your family.

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