Recovering for Emotional Damages in North Carolina

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Can I recover for emotional damages in North Carolina in my personal injury case?


Somebody recently called me from North Carolina and wanted to know if they could recover for, to be blunt, the hell that they had been through in their personal injury case. They wanted to know if they could recover for the sleepless nights and the mental anguish that they had experienced. They called me because they wanted to know about these things.

Yes, in North Carolina, you can bring a claim for the mental anguish and suffering that you experienced. The main thing is you have to be real about it. It has to be real pain and real mental anguish, and other people have to be able to feel it. I don’t mean that in a flippant way; I mean that in a serious way. If you have those things in your case, then you need an experienced trial attorney that knows how to bring those things out in your case and knows how to frame your case so that those things are highlighted. If you’re going to go before a jury, those types of damages are exactly the kind of damages that juries are experts in evaluating, because jury members are experts in life. All of us have felt pain, all of us have felt real mental anguish, and all of us have seen people that were claiming to experience that, but didn’t ring true. An experienced trial lawyer can help you channel the things that need to be brought out before a jury and also help you be objective about things that maybe don’t need to be brought out.

If you’ve had this type of experience, call our office. We know how to help, and we know how to help you get your truths out before a jury in a real, meaningful way. It’s hard to be objective about yourself. Call us; let us help.

Were you or a loved one severely injured by a negligent person and have questions about recovering for emotional damages in North Carolina? Contact experienced Richmond County, NC personal injury lawyer H. Bright Lindler today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

My office takes care of everything, so you can rest and focus your attention on your recovery.

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