Recorded Statement After A Premises Liability Injury

A recorded statement after a premises liability injury should only be given with your lawyer. Watch this video to avoid being tricked by things they promise.


Should I talk to the insurance company after a premises liability injury?


Recently, someone’s friend called my office on their behalf. They said that their friend had been seriously injured and had to have surgery when they stepped in an unmarked hole and broke their foot. That friend said an insurance company was trying to call and continued to call because they were trying to talk to the person who was hurt. They wanted to know should they let this insurance adjuster talk to their friend.

I Recorded Statement After A Premises Liability Injuryexplained to them that the answer was absolutely not.I said, “That insurance adjuster is calling with an agenda.” That agenda is to first see if they can take a recorded statement and get the person to say something while they’re still trying to get over their initial injury and pain. They’re trying to get that person to say something in a recorded statement that’s going to hurt their case.

In Richmond County, NC, that can be particularly important because it’s very hard at times to win a premises case here because we have a legal doctrine called contributory negligence. That simply means that, even if you’re 1% at fault, you lose your case. The last thing anybody needs to do is to talk to an insurance adjuster before they have consulted with an attorney and before they’re even really able to think clearly because they’re still taking serious pain medication.

Instead, call our office. Let us know what’s going on. When you’re well enough, you can come and meet with us. We will evaluate your case and we’ll be there to answer your questions. While you’re getting well enough to simply come to our office, call our office and we can monitor your case for a period of time until you’re well enough to come to our office and we can really begin to get to work with your case.

Do not give any type of recorded statement; do not talk with an insurance adjuster. Put them off, even if you have to be rude. Let us know when we can help you. We’re here for you.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured on another person’s property in North Carolina and have questions about a recorded statement after a premises liability injury? Contact experienced Richmond County, NC premises liability lawyer H. Bright Lindler today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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