Personal Injury Settlement Offers

Do you have questions about personal injury settlement offers? Watch this video to find out what to do if the insurance company makes you an offer.


Should I take the first settlement offer for my personal injury case?


Recently somebody called me up from Cheraw to tell me they’d been in a serious collision and were seriously hurt. They thought they were doing everything right. They were being upfront, they were being honest, and, lo and behold, before they had even been released from their doctor, an insurance adjuster called them up and told them they were going to take care of them. Months later, they called them up and made them an offer that seemed ridiculous, even after they had promised they were going to take care of them early on.Personal Injury Settlement Offers

We at my office understand how insurance companies really are. We see the TV ads, just like you do. We see the slogans that say, “We’re on your side,” “You’re in good hands,” and we see the movie star actors that you see in every commercial and we know who they are. We understand that insurance companies want to take money in and keep from paying it out. If you get a settlement offer like this and we represent you, we’re going to laugh at the insurance company when they make these ridiculous settlement offers, and then we’re going to prepare for the worst. We’re going to prepare for trial, we’re going to let the insurance company know that we’re not going to allow them to ambush us at trial, and we’re not going to give our power away. That’s going to take some work and patience. Once we establish those things, if it’s feasible, then we might resume negotiations with the insurance company. That insurance company is going to know, however, they’re going to have to pay real settlements, and that we’re not going to give the case away, and we’re prepared to take them court.

If you find yourself in this situation in South Carolina, call us. We’re here to help. We’ve dealt with lots of devious insurance companies for many, many years.

Were you or a loved one severely injured by a negligent person in South Carolina and have questions about personal injury settlement offers? Contact experienced South Carolina personal injury lawyer H. Bright Lindler today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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