Paying Bills While Waiting for Workers’ Comp

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How do I pay the bills while waiting for my workers’ comp payments?


The other day, I Paying Bills While Waiting for Workers' Compreceived a call from someone in North Carolina who had been injured on the job. Their claim has been denied, and they were no longer able to pay their bills. The first thing I did was ask them had they given the proper notices about their injury on the job. Once we clarified that, I explained to them that our best resort is to immediately file for a hearing and try to get ourselves in front of a workers’ compensation judge as fast as possible so that we can try to get the workers’ compensation benefits started. Unfortunately, employers will come up with a large number of excuses to deny claims. In addition, employers at times will send the workers’ comp claim to a different department, so that the people that you’ve been working with and that you trust are not making the decisions about your workers’ compensation claim. Some other department in another state is making that decision, and they’re looking at how they can save the company money. They don’t care whether it comes at your expense or not. Therefore, you need to contact a workers’ compensation attorney in Richmond County, NC, an experienced one, right away that knows how to go to court and knows how to fight through the system to get your workers’ compensation started. Call our office. We’ve done this for many, many clients, and we will do it for you.

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