Not Losing Any Hours at Work

You may be unsure if you need a lawyer if you’re not losing any hours at work after a workplace injury. Call our South Carolina office for a free review.


Should I contact a lawyer about my injury even if I don’t lose time from work?


Last week, I had someone from South Carolina call me and they had been seriously hurt. The doctor said, they may need to have surgery down the road, but their employer was allowing them to continue the work. They were even keeping that person on their payroll. That person wanted to know, why do I need an attorney? Well, I explained to them that first of all, you know your body. You know you’ve been seriously hurt, and the doctor has told you you’re probably going to need surgery. The day’s going to come when you may not be able to be the beneficial worker for your employer that you were before you got hurt. As sad as it may be, your employer is going to look at you differently. They’re not going to tell you that they’re looking at your differently because they want to save money, even if it’s at your expense.Not Losing Any Hours at Work

To protect yourself, you need to contact an attorney right away, even if you’re at work because that attorney needs time to prepare your case and prepare your evidence for a South Carolina commissioner. If you wait until after you found out the employer has decided to terminate you, it could be too late. There’s a lot of work that has to go into a case before a case is concluded. Don’t let yourself be ambushed. Contact an experienced South Carolina attorney right away, so that planning can occur. Even if you aren’t losing benefits right away, the planning is very important, to protect yourself and you family’s future.

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