Injured on a Residential Property in South Carolina

Injured on a residential property in South Carolina? You can recover compensation. Watch this video to learn about seeking justice for your injuries.


What should I do if I was injured on a residential property?


Injured on a Residential Property in South Carolina

Recently, someone called me from South Carolina to let me know they had fallen at their friend’s house. Their friend hadn’t made some repairs and didn’t have any type of warning posted. As a result, they ended up injuring themselves seriously and requiring surgery. They wanted to know what did they needed to do. I told them the first thing they needed to do was to follow through with their medical care. If they went to the emergency room and got x-rays, but the emergency room told them they needed to see an orthopedic specialist and gave them a name, they need to follow up with that orthopedic specialist so that they can show they’re being compliant with doctor’s orders.

The second thing they needed to do was to seek legal advice immediately. The reason they need to seek legal advice immediately is because evidence can get destroyed. Evidence can be swept away. If they seek legal advice immediately, that attorney can write a letter or put the owners of the premises on notice that they are to preserve that evidence. A letter like that coming from an attorney can be very important later on in the case.

The third thing they need to do is find an attorney that focuses their practice on going to court and preparing their case for trial. The reason this is necessary is because a lot of insurance companies will look at someone and determine that they’re not going to pay a claim because they don’t believe the claimant or their attorney would really take the case to trial. If you find an attorney that’s routinely used to preparing cases for trial, the insurance company will know that.

Those are three things that, if you are injured in someone’s home in South Carolina, you need to do immediately. Call our office and let us help you with this. We’ve already mentioned things that need to be done. If you call our office, we will be able to tell you more things that need to be done.

We are a firm that prepares our cases to go to trial. We can start preparing your case to go to trial. Call our office. We are here to help you. Give us a call.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured by a property hazard in South Carolina and have questions about being injured on a residential property in South Carolina? Contact experienced South Carolina premises liability lawyer H. Bright Lindler today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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