Injured by a 3rd Party Co-worker

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Can I pursue a lawsuit if I was injured on the job by someone who doesn’t work for my company?


Recently, someone from North Carolina called my office and let me know that they had been injured on the job. They also let me know that the way they were injured on the job was not from somebody that worked for their employer but from somebody that worked for another employer. This person wanted to know two things. They wanted to know if they could still file for workmen’s compensation. Then they wanted to know if they could sue the person that worked for the other company.

The answer to those questions is yes. You can still file for your workers’ compensation benefits because you were injured while working on your job and you were benefiting your employer while you were – while you got hurt. You can also sue what is called the third-party. The third-party is the other person that worked for another employer that just happened to be on the premises where that person was working.

When you have aInjured by a 3rd Party Co-worker case like this, it’s called a third-party tort claim. Now, when you have this type of case, you need an attorney, ideally, that understands workers’ compensation claims and also understands how to sue the person from the other company and take them to court before a jury. Most attorneys know one part but other – but may not know the other part. Then some of the attorneys know how to go before the jury, but they don’t know the workers’ Comp part. Then some attorneys know all of it. Our firm knows both.

Our firm can take your case and help you with your workers’ Comp case to get you quicker compensation so that you can replace your lost wages and you can get your medical care, but at the same time, prepare a case against the other person that worked for the other employer so that you can bring that case before a jury. When you have a case like this, you need someone that understands the workers’ comp laws as well as the procedures and the laws that apply to suing the other employer because the two claims can interact with each other. However, if you have an attorney that understands both from the beginning, that means that both cases can be planned in a way to complement each other.

A lot of times, these cases concern very serious injuries. Our firm will be able to help you with both cases so that we can conclude your workers’ comp case and at the same time be preparing to file the claim against the other employer and go before the jury and try to get compensation that the workers’ comp did not allow you to receive. You need an experienced attorney that understands both of these types of cases. Our firm does both.

We would love to help you with these types of cases. When we see a workers’ comp case, we look for that third-party tort claim to see if we have that case as well. Call our office; let us help.

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