Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

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How do I choose the best personal injury attorney?


Recently someone from South Carolina called me and wanted to know how to select a personal injury attorney. They had been injured in a terrible way, and they had very serious injuries, and they knew how important it was to have a personal injury attorney that they could count on. The first thing I said was that there were three criteria for selecting an attorney. First, you need a personal injury attorney that understands the medical treatment of your injuries and can take a lot of complicated medical terms and break it down into simple terms to explain to anyone who needs to know about those injuries in the case. That could be the client, that could be a jury, that could be an insurance adjuster. You need an attorney that can do that.Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Second, you need an attorney that is willing to go to trial, that prepares the case to go to trial and prepares themselves to speak with the jury, select the jury, put on the evidence, and then make a compelling closing argument. You need an attorney that thinks about how the jury is going to look at the case and tries to win the case at the earliest point that it can be won in a trial, and sometimes that can be at jury selection – usually that’s the case – and it can also be won with the opening statement, but it takes lots and lots of preparation to get to that point.

The third thing that you need in a personal injury attorney is an attorney that stays in contact with their clients and lets their clients know what’s going on with their case. In our office, we utilize emails and other technology to stay in touch with our clients, and allow them to stay in touch with us, so that we can explain to them what’s going on in their case. We are available in real-time to answer questions so that the questions that they have get answered and make a difference in the outcome, say, for example, when they’re dealing with their doctors.

We look at three criteria: an attorney that understands the medicine; an attorney that’s willing to go to trial and prepares the case to go to trial; and an attorney that communicates with their client, so that their client understands how hard the attorney is working, and is available to answer questions as the case goes along. Our office tries to provide all three of these things, and we will make ourselves available to answer your questions and to fight for you. Contact our office and we will set these systems in place so that we can fight for you and protect your rights and the rights of your family.

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