Going to Court for Workers’ Compensation

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Will I have to go to court for my workers’ comp case?


Recently, someone called me and said their claim was denied. I told them they were going to need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to take their case to court and get their workers’ compensation benefits instated the way they should have been. Somebody who has a denied case is probably going to have to go to court or at least prepare to go to court. When the workers’ comp carrier and the employer see that you have an attorney that’s preparing to go to court, then they might want to try to settle with you, but they know that the settlement’s going to have to be big enough to stop you from going to court because they know that you’ve got an attorney that’s prepared to go to court.

On the other hand, I’ve had other clients who were receiving their benefits. When they receive their benefits, they want to know if they would have to go to court. It all depends. If they have an employer and an insurance company that’s just plain stingy and doesn’t want to admit the reality of things with their injuries and how severe they are, and the pain that they’re going through, yes, you may have to go to court. On the other hand, if it’s an admitted case and you’re receiving benefits, the next thing you’re going to have to worry about is if the workers’ comp carrier will try to take advantage of you. The workers’ comp carrier and the employer know their rights and the injured worker’s rights, and they will use that knowledge to try to protect their money and save money at the expense of that injured worker. They know that most injured workers don’t receive a course in what their rights are in Richmond County, NC workers’ compensation benefits.

Even if you’re Going to Court for Workers’ Compensationreceiving benefits, you may not have to go to court, but having an experienced attorney prepare your case for either going to court or settling your case is going to be better for you. Even after you pay the attorney, there have been many, many cases where we have gotten our clients settlements where they came out better than what the workers’ comp carrier was originally planning to pay, even after they paid my fee. That’s because the workers’ comp carriers are attempting to save as much money as possible at an injured worker’s expense; that’s how they operate. Call our office and let us protect you in these situations.

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