Getting Injured at Work

Getting injured at work is a serious matter. Watch this video to learn about what you should do immediately after a workplace injury in South Carolina.


What should I do if I get injured at work?


The other day, I had someone from South Carolina call me. They had been seriously injured at work. They wanted to know what did they needed to do.

I told them if they hadn’t already reported it to their supervisor, they needed to immediately report it to their supervisor, or Human Resources, or the plant manager; whoever is in charge, be sure to report it to that person. Then you need to get medical care to document your injuries. Now, if your employer sends you to their doctor, then you need to tell that doctor how you got hurt. It’s very important that they get it right.Getting Injured at Work

In addition, you may want to go to your own family doctor and document your injuries from head to toe. You also want to document exactly how you got hurt in case the company doctor does a sloppy job or just doesn’t want to listen. Then you need to call my office. We’ll be glad to help you with filing paperwork to also perfect your claim in South Carolina. Feel free to call us and we’ll be glad to help.

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