Failure to Report Your Work-Related Injury

Are you wondering if the failure to report your work-related injury has ruined your injury case? Watch this video if you need legal help in North Carolina.


Can my claim be denied if I don’t report my work-related injury?


The other day, someone called me and told me they didn’t report an injury until three months later when the realized they needed to have surgery. They wanted to know if their claim could be denied. The truth of the matter is your claim is probably going to be denied simply because you didn’t report it. When that happens, you need an experienced Richmond County, NC attorney to be able to dig for you and come up with ways to make up for the fact that you didn’t report your injury right away because you didn’t think that you were as hurt as much as you actually are and you knew that your employer would get angry, even though it wasn’t your fault that you got hurt.

Even so,Failure to Report Your Work-Related Injury North Carolina law requires an employee to report their injury when it’s – when their injury occurs on the job. When we get in this situation, we have to dig deep. We have to come up with different strategies to make up for that fact. If you are in this situation, feel free to call my office and we will help you. You certainly do need the help of an experienced Richmond County, NC attorney when you’re in this situation.

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