Do I Need a Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

If you were injured at work you may have the question, “Do I need a workers’ comp lawyer?” We can offer you a free case review to be sure.


Why do I need a workers’ compensation lawyer?


The other day someone called me up and said, “I’ve been injured on the job and I may have to have surgery. I still don’t understand why I might need an attorney. My employer has always been good to me, and I trust them.” When you’re in this situation, you have changed. The relationship between you and your employer has changed, though through no fault of yours. Your injury may even make you a different worker for your employer. Your employer is interested in you because of what you can do for them— that’s why they gave you a job, and your injury may interfere with that.

Your employerDo I Need a Workers’ Comp Lawyer? knows your rights, and they know their rights. Most people injured on the job have never taken a course in high school or even college on what to do when you’re injured on the job and what your rights are. A workers’ compensation attorney is going to be able to tell you what your rights are, and assert those rights for you, and prevent the employer that knows their rights and your rights from taking advantage of you. You need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Call our office and we will be glad to assist you in Richmond County, NC.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured at work in North Carolina and have questions like “Do I Need a Workers’ Comp Lawyer?” Contact experienced Richmond County, NC worker’ compensation lawyer H. Bright Lindler today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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