Disputed Workers’ Comp Claim

If you are dealing with a disputed workers’ comp claim in North Carolina, Check out this video and then call our office to protect your rights.


What happens if my workers’ comp claim in contested by the insurance carrier?


Recently, Disputed Workers' Comp Claimsomeone called me up from North Carolina and said that they had given a recorded statement. They were cooperating, had given notice of their injury, had a really great relationship with their employer, and they expected their employer to take care of them. They expected their employer to honor the fact that for 20 years they had come to work on time, they had worked over when they were asked, and they had never given anybody any problems. Unfortunately, once they got hurt, their employer changed. Their employer was more concerned about keeping production running and figuring out who was going to take their place than they were in accepting their claim, sending them to honest doctors, and trying to help them.

If you get in this situation – it happens to a lot of people – it doesn’t mean that you weren’t honest, that you didn’t report your claim, and that you weren’t a good worker. What it means is your employer has always looked at you in economic terms, more than anything else, and your injury prevents you from being able to do for them what you used to do. When you get in this situation, you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Call our office and let us help. Let us fight for you. We’ll be glad to do that.

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