Benefits Besides Workers’ Comp

In this video, our attorney explains if there are any other benefits besides workers’ comp if your claim is denied. Call us for a free consultation.


If my workers’ comp case is denied, could I qualify for any other benefits?


Recently, someone Benefits Besides Workers' Compcalled me and said that their workers’ compensation claim had been denied. They wanted to retain me to help them fight for their rights under the Workers’ Compensation Act in North Carolina; while we were fighting, they also let me know that their company had short-term disability and long-term disability and that they had no problems with the short-term disability, but it was about to run out, and they sensed that they were going to be denied on their long-term disability. There are times when you can collect long-term disability and you can collect workers’ compensation benefits at the same time. Sometimes, the employer will get a credit for the long-term benefits that you receive, maybe sometimes even the short-term benefits. Other times, the employer doesn’t get a credit for it. Regardless, we will be developing your case for your injury on the job and how it impacts your wage-earning capacity, which is another way of saying how your injury causes disability. A lot of times, the same evidence that can be used for your workers’ compensation claim can be used for short-term or long-term disability. If we think we’re going to be in a protracted battle for long-term or short-term disability, we may call in other lawyers that specialize in those types of cases while we fight for you on your workers’ compensation claim. Call our office. We’ve dealt with this many times in the past, and we would be glad to help you.

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