Being Released to Return to Work

How do you know if being released to return to work is safe? Watch this video if you’ve been injured at work in North Carolina and are not sure what to do.


What should I do if the company doctor releases me to go back to work but my own doctor disagrees?


In North Carolina, if you have an accepted claim and you’ve been required to go to a company doctor, there’s a reason why the company wants you to see that doctor. A lot of the time, one of the reasons is because they know that the company doctor is going to rate and release you, and evaluate you for restrictions in a way that the company wants to happen so that they can terminate your checks. The company will do that whether or not you can truly return to work or not. If the company does that and you return to work, and you find out that you can’t do it, you’re at the mercy of your company. Sometimes the company will send you back to the doctor, while other companies will figure out a way to fire you and blame it on something totally unrelated to your injury on the job, when everybody in the world knows it’s exactly related to your injury on the job.

You need an experienced Being Released to Return to WorkRichmond County, NC attorney to protect you from these types of situations and to plan for these types of situations well before the company doctor gets around to releasing you. There are things called functional capacity evaluations, and there are some companies that provide these tests that also are nothing more than company doctors. There are other companies that will give you an honest test and honest results, that will confirm that you’re hurt, like you believe you are, and that you aren’t capable of returning to work.

Our office knows who these doctors are and who these FCEs – functional capacity evaluators – are, who’s good and who’s for the company. Call our office. Let us help you so that you can avoid these traps. Call us. We’ll be here.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured at work in North Carolina and have questions about being released to return to work? Contact experienced Richmond County, NC worker’ compensation lawyer H. Bright Lindler today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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