Avoiding Trial

Watch this video to learn why avoiding trial may or may not be a good idea for your personal injury case in North Carolina. Call our office today.


Can I avoid trial for my personal injury case?


Recently someone called me up from North Carolina about their personal injury case. They’d been seriously hurt and been through a lot, and they didn’t want to have to go through a jury trial. On the other hand, they didn’t want to just cave in and give away things that they shouldn’t have to give away because they were hurt by somebody who was reckless. This is what I told them.Avoiding Trial

We understand that you’re torn, but in order to make certain that you don’t basically give your case away, you’re going to have to do some work, even though we’re going to plan to try to settle your case, if at all possible, for a settlement that makes it all worthwhile. The way we do that is we plan for the worst, and then we hope for the best. We do that knowing that if we can get you a reasonable settlement that you would be happy with, we are going to take it. We don’t let the other side— the insurance company or the corporation that hurt you— see us sweat, however. We prepare the case for trial, and we let them know that they’re not going to be able to ambush you at trial.

Once we see that they realize that they know they can’t ambush you, we can try to settle your case, but we have to set it up. We can’t just give away our power and say we’re willing to settle this case because we just don’t want to go through anymore. We know and our office understands that you don’t want to go through anymore. What we have to do, however, is keep that amongst ourselves. We have to set things up so that they understand they can’t ambush us, so that you can get a settlement that you can live with and not have to just settle at any cost. If you settle at any cost, you could regret it for the rest of your life, because you only have once chance.

Call our office. We’ll try to work with you and try to reconcile all the different things that you’re feeling, so that we can work through this process and get a good result. Call us. We’re here for you, and we’ll try to reconcile everything that you’re feeling.

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