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Mr. Lindler believes that it is crucial for a worker’s compensation attorney to know the law, the doctors that the employers use, and the nature of judges that decide the worker’s compensation cases. MOST IMPORTANT, Mr. Lindler believes that a good workers’ compensation attorney MUST KNOW the tricks (and the dirty tricks) that employers use to destroy worker’s compensation cases. Mr. Lindler believes this knowledge is required for cases in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

Once a serious injury on the job occurs, Mr. Lindler fights to make certain that the injured worker is protected by being certain to AVOID being left in a situation where there is no real option of returning to work and no workers’ comp case to fall back on. Often a serious injury on the job means a separation or ending of the job will occur (unfortunately, this is a hard fact of life, but we are here to help).The real issue is on whose terms, the employers’ (at yours and your family’s expense) or on terms under the the workers comp Act, the separation occurs.


Most workers’ comp attorneys only do non jury cases, such as workers compensation cases discussed above. Other attorneys only do personal injury cases, but not workers’ but not personal injury cases. Mr. Lindler does jury trial cases and looks at every one of workers’ compensation cases to see if the case can be taken before a jury (the is very specific about which case can be taken before a jury and Mr. Lindler knows how to spot such cases). This service is provided for North Carolina cases.

In recent years, Mr. Lindler has undergone extensive training on how to teach you how to protect yourself and your case in such cases and how to present the case to a jury in a way than will resonate with the jury ( they often look at things in ways that are different form what you might thing. Lindler believes that it is an advantage for you to have an attorney that DOES BOTH and handles both.


It is important for an attorney to know how to settle a case, but it is important for the attorney to be able to go to Court. Ask yourself if the attorney you are talking to how often the attorney takes the case to Court. One of the best ways to settle a case is for the the other side to know your attorney is capable of taking the case to trial.