Attending Court for Workers’ Compensation

Do you have questions about attending court for workers’ compensation cases? Watch this video where our South Carolina lawyer describes what you should know.


Will I have to go to court for my workers’ comp case?


Recently, someone called me from South Carolina and wanted to know if they were going to have to go to court for their workers’ comp case in South Carolina. In theory, all cases in South Carolina go to court for a final adjudication; however, that’s not how it always works out. A lot of it depends on what your injuries are and how well you develop those injuries. When I say develop those injuries, I mean bring out with doctors, with vocational experts, what those injuries mean for you in terms of your ability to work. That means finding doctors that are honest to counter company doctors that are a little bias for the employer.Attending Court for Workers’ Compensation

That’s the process that when you hire an experienced South Carolina attorney, when you hire me, that’s the process that we’re going to start with on your case. If we follow that process and do a really good job, and it’s going to mean hard work by me and some hard work from you as well to help me, then we might not have to go to court because the employer and the insurance company see how hard we’re working, see the evidence that we’re building and say, we’re not going to win this case. Let’s just go ahead and settle.

On the other hand, if the carrier believes that they can take advantage of you and sees that you don’t have a hard-working South Carolina attorney working for you, they may say, let’s try to take her to court. We’ve already built the evidence. We’ve already picked all the doctors. We know her rights or his rights and we know our rights. When we go to court, we’ll have an advantage and we can get out of paying as much as we really should.

If you let your case go in that direction, you may well end up at court or you may end up calling the attorney at the last minute or unable to find an attorney in time. I would urge you to contact our office. Let us start working on your case as early as possible so that we can build your case. Then, you can be prepared for whether you have to go court, or if you go to a settlement conference or just settle your case informally.

Their insurance company, their lawyers know that you’re prepared. They know they’re going to have to put real money on the table to try to get your case resolved. Let us do this for you. Contact our office and let us go to work for you.

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