At Fault For a Workplace Injury

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Could I be eligible for workers’ comp if the injury was my fault?


The other day, someone called me from South Carolina who had been injured on their job in South Carolina. It seems they had made a mistake. When they made that mistake, they became injured. It was a serious injury. Their employer was telling them that they were ineligible for workers’ compensation in South Carolina because it was their fault.

Unfortunately, At Fault For a Workplace Injurythis a trick. In South Carolina, workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. Whether workers’ comp covers you or not depends upon what you were doing at the time, and how you got hurt, and how that relates to how your activity is benefiting the employer. If you’re doing an activity that’s benefiting the employer, even if it’s your fault that you got hurt, workers’ comp in South Carolina still has to cover the injury, and the medical bills, and your time out of work. If you have a tricky employer that’s saying things like this to you, you need the help of an experienced South Carolina workers’ compensation lawyer. Call our office and let us help you.

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