Alternative Options to Workers’ Comp

Check out this video to learn if you have any alternative options to workers comp in South Carolina. This could be crucial to your case and your outcome.


If my workers’ comp case is denied, could I qualify for any other benefits?


The other day, someone call me from South Carolina and explained to me that their workers’ compensation claim had been denied. They wanted to know if I would help them with their workers’ compensation claim. We told them we would be glad to do that. We began to develop their case to win their workers’ compensation case. In the meantime, they were eligible for short-term and long-term disability benefits. They were able to collect some of these benefits, but their employer continued to deny their workers’ comp claim.Alternative Options to Workers’ Comp

When that happens, an employer will, most of the time, at some point reach a settlement on the workers’ comp claim but they will include certain language that will stop the short-term or long-term disability from trying to reach into the workers’ comp settlement and get paid back. We know how to craft the settlement agreement, to make sure that doesn’t happen. If you’re in this situation, let us fight for you on your workers’ compensation claim and let us protect your workers’ compensation claim from short-term or long-term disability.

If you don’t have short-term or long-term disability, you may think, well I can file for unemployment benefits, but that’s a red herring. If you’re filing for unemployment benefits, you’re contradicting your workers’ comp claim. When you file for workers comp, you’re saying, “I’m injured and I’m disabled.” When you’re filing for unemployment benefit, you’re saying, “I am able to work but my employer laid me off due to the bad economy. If I could get a job, I would jump right back on that job, but I can’t get that job.” You have to be wary of filing a workers’ comp claim and filing for unemployment benefits at the same time. The two are inconsistent.

If you’re having concerns about these issues, contact us and let us sort through these with you, while we fight for your workers’ compensation benefits. Call our office.

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