4 Workers Compensation Questions

Getting injured at work is a serious matter. Watch this video to learn about these 4 workers compensation questions that are commonly asked.

4 Workers Compensation Questions1. What should I do if I get injured at work?

The other day, I had someone from South Carolina call me. They had been seriously injured at work. They wanted to know what did they needed to do.

I told them if they hadn’t already reported it to their supervisor, they needed to immediately report it to their supervisor, or Human Resources, or the plant manager; whoever is in charge, be sure to report it to that person. Then you need to get medical care to document your injuries. Now, if your employer sends you to their doctor, then you need to tell that doctor how you got hurt. It’s very important that they get it right.

In addition, you may want to go to your own family doctor and document your injuries from head to toe. You also want to document exactly how you got hurt in case the company doctor does a sloppy job or just doesn’t want to listen. Then you need to call my office. We’ll be glad to help you with filing paperwork to also perfect your claim in South Carolina. Feel free to call us and we’ll be glad to help.

2. What injuries are covered under workers’ compensation?

Recently, someone called me from South Carolina and wanted to know what types of injuries or diseases are covered by South Carolina workers’ compensation law. There are basically two types of injuries that are covered by South Carolina workers’ compensation law. The first type of injuries are the obvious types of injuries: a slip, trip, or fall, something hurting you or falling on you at work… namely, any type of injury that is tied to the workplace and puts you at a greater risk for injury.

The second type of injury are what’s called occupational disease. They can be things like carpal tunnel syndrome that come from repetitive motion, lung disease that comes from years ago where you may have been exposed to asbestos or other types of silicosis, or worked in some type of factory where there’s lots of dust and lots of contaminants in the air. When you have that kind of injury, you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney because a lot of times, these injuries don’t even surface until years later.

In South Carolina, you have two years from the time your disease is actually diagnosed. You need to contact an experienced South Carolina workers’ compensation attorney for any of these injuries. When you have a serious injury, the injury doesn’t always show itself right away; it can show up weeks, months, sometimes even years later, with an occupational disease. Contact our office and let us help you sort through these things to perfect your workers’ compensation claim in South Carolina.

3. What if my employer refuses to file an accident report?

In South Carolina, the injured worker has to notify the employer of their injury. It can be verbal, or it can be in writing, but there has to be notification. Written notification makes it easier to prevent the employer from denying that you gave them notification. Once you’ve given them notification, your employer will probably start directing you to medical treatment to their doctors. They may not accept the claim, but still attempt to tell you what doctors to go see.

If you had a serious injury in South Carolina, you need to contact an experienced South Carolina workers’ compensation attorney to assist you in making sure your employer has notice, and doing the right things to build your case so that you can file your claim, and you can pursue your rights, and your treatment that you need, and the paychecks that need to be replaced. Call our office and we will help you. Call our office so that we can fight for you and your family.

4. What happens if my workers’ comp claim in contested by the insurance carrier?

Recently, someone from South Carolina called my office. They were upset and worried. They had been seriously injured on their job in South Carolina. They had cooperated with their employer. They had cooperated with their employer’s workers’ compensation carrier. They had even given a recorded statement to their employer’s workers’ compensation carrier. They thought, if I’m just honest, everything will be fine.

They didn’t realize that during this recording with an insurance adjuster, the insurance adjuster was going to ask them trick questions. They didn’t realize that when the adjuster says, did anything unusual happen, and they thought to themselves, well, I got injured on the job, but I wouldn’t say anything unusual happened, they didn’t realize that was a trick question. They didn’t realize that the adjuster was going to use that to deny their claim. They didn’t realize that after working for this employer for 10 to 15 years, always being on time, always being willing to work overtime, that the employer would just leave them out in the cold. Now they realized that’s exactly what had happened.

If this has happened to you, what you need to do as soon as you realize it is to contact an experienced South Carolina workers’ compensation attorney to try to prevent these things from happening and to try to build the case. You need to understand that, because of your serious injury, your economic value to your employer has changed. That in reality, the employer’s main concern with you has always been whether they told you or not what you could do for them. If you find yourself in this situation, call us right away. Let us start working and let us start getting ready to fight for you. Contact our office and let us help.

Were you or a loved one hurt on the job in South Carolina and have questions about these 4 workers compensation questions? Contact experienced South Carolina worker’ compensation lawyer H. Bright Lindler today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

We will fight for you and your family.

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