3 Premises Liability Tips

When you have been injured, these 3 premises liability tips are very important. Check out this article and call North Carolina premises liability lawyer today.

3 Premises Liability Tips1. Hiring a Premises Liability Attorney

Recently, someone from North Carolina called my office about a horrible fall that had left them going through surgery and with hardware in their ankle. They were injured because something caused them to step into a hole and twist their foot when they didn’t see the hole. When you have a premises liability case in North Carolina, you need to look for three things. You need an attorney that’s going to understand the medicine in your case. When you have a serious injury where you have to have surgery and you have to have your foot put back together, you’re going to need someone that can communicate with the doctor and take the medical concepts that are involved in your case and make them simple: simple to explain to a jury, simple to explain to you, and simple to portray in a visual aid.

Second, you’re going to need an attorney that’s experienced with premises liability cases. The reason you’re going to need an attorney that’s experienced is because, in North Carolina, we have a very harsh law called contributory negligence. That’s lawyer talk, but essentially, that means that you’re going to be blamed for not looking where you were going. You’re going to be told that this was your fault.

You’re going to be told that, even if you were there to spend your money at those premises, or you were there to deliver goods that someone at those premises had ordered, or you were there because you were invited to be there. The owner of those premises and the controller of those premises didn’t guard against you falling into the hole or stepping into the hole, and they didn’t warn anyone about it. You need an attorney that understands how falls occur. The third thing you’re going to need is you’re going to need expert witnesses that =understand how falls occur and can explain that to judges when they’re looking to see whether this was your fault and whether your case should be kicked out of court.

When you have a serious injury from a fall on somebody’s unsafe premises, you need to look for those three things: how to understand the injury, how to understand the fall, and how to understand experts that can protect your case from being kicked out of court. We have prosecuted premises cases in North Carolina. We’ve dealt with all three of those problems. Call our office and let us talk to you so that we can protect you from the beginning of your case. We want to make sure that you get a chance to put your case on before a jury in a way in which you can win a verdict that reflects what has happened to you. Call our office; we are here for you.

2. Filing an Accident Report for a Premises Liability Injury

Recently, someone called me from a store where they had slipped on produce that should have been cleaned up and wasn’t cleaned up. When they fell, they got hurt. They wondered, should I report this to the store manager? Should I make the store manager write a report? I told them they needed to go back to that store before too much time elapsed. They should report it and they should make the store write up a report.

This is important for a lot of different reasons. Number one, it is your opportunity to explain how you got hurt and to document that you’ve gotten hurt. The next thing you need to do is, if you’re seriously injured, you need to go to a doctor before too much time elapses. That’s another way to document your injury. It’s another form of reporting an injury.

Above all, when you fall on the premises, whether it’s a store or even if it’s at a friend’s, you need to document how your injury occurred. If it’s at a store, you need to make a manager write up a report. You need to read that report to make sure they write it up correctly. If it’s at a friend’s, if necessary, you go and get medical treatment. You explain how you got hurt there. Then if you have to, you write a letter; better yet, contact an attorney and get an attorney to help you document your injury, in the event your friends won’t document it for you.

Call our office. We’ve documented injuries by helping our clients write their own letter many times. It allows that person to explain things how they really happened, so that no one else can put words in your mouth. Give our office a call and let us help you.

3. Defendant’s Awareness of the Hazard

Recently, someone called my office and wanted to know what they could do, since a store claimed they didn’t have any notice about a trip hazard in their store that had injured this person. When this situation occurs, the store owner is really being what we called disingenuous or, to put it more simply, they’re just being fake. The reality is, a store owner has a duty to inspect for trip hazards on a periodic basis to make sure that a trip hazard doesn’t develop that they’re not aware of so that they can eliminate that trip hazard. When a store owner says that they weren’t aware, what it really means is they weren’t doing the proper inspections. They weren’t doing inspections on a periodic, regular basis, so that they could become aware of hazards.

If you have encountered that type of store owner, this means they are going to attempt to wiggle out of their responsibility to you. If you’ve had a serious injury and you’ve got serious medical problems, you need to contact an experienced premises liability attorney right away to take steps to protect yourself from a store and store manager looking to get out of the case by saying they didn’t really have notice, when they know they’re supposed to do periodic inspections. That’s disingenuous; that’s fake. You need an experienced attorney. Give us a call and don’t wait.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured on another person’s property in North Carolina and have questions about these 3 premises liability tips? Contact experienced Richmond County, NC premises liability lawyer H. Bright Lindler today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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