3 Premises Liability Questions

Were you seriously injured on someone else’s property? Check out these 3 premises liability questions, then call our North Carolina lawyer.

1. Can I sue a city or county for my premises liability injury?

3 Premises Liability QuestionsRecently, someone in Richmond County, NC called me and explained to me that the sidewalks hadn’t been maintained properly. They were walking forward, looking ahead, and before they knew it, they had tripped and fallen, seriously injuring their arm. It turns out they’re going to have to have surgery on their arm because of this bad fall.

In North Carolina, if a city or a county is responsible for maintaining the sidewalks, you can bring a lawsuit; however, when you bring a lawsuit, you have to know certain special things about suing a city and suing a county. The first thing you need to do is that you have to have an attorney that has experience in suing a city or a county so that those special things that occur in a lawsuit against a city or a county are included in your lawsuit. Obviously, the second thing you need to do, as well, is you need to go and follow up with your doctor’s care and do follow doctor’s orders. That’s real important.

Those are really two of the most important things you need to do when you’re confronted in a situation where you have to sue the city or you have to sue a county. Suing a city and a county is different from suing private entities. You need an attorney that has some experience in doing that. Our firm has sued a county before. Because of that experience, we can bring that experience to bear in your case.

Give us a call and we can explain to you further about what your options are. We can begin to develop the facts we need to know about the county to determine if we can go forward with a lawsuit. Give us a call. We’ve sued counties before. That experience will help us sue the city or the county in your case.

2. What should I do if I was injured on a residential property?

Recently, I had someone from North Carolina call me. They had been seriously injured at their friend’s home. Unfortunately, their friend hadn’t made repairs that they should have made. They didn’t have any warning about the hazard. This person ended up stepping into something, twisting their foot, and getting seriously injured. They called me and they wanted to know what they needed to do.

I told them the first thing they needed to do was to seek medical attention right away. If they have already gone to the emergency room, then they need to follow up with the doctor that the emergency room told them to go and see. Then they needed to do what the doctor that they went to see told them to do, so that they would be “compliant with doctor’s orders.”

The second thing they needed to do was to seek legal advice right away, as well. The reason they need to do that is because evidence can disappear. If evidence disappears, it makes it more difficult in the case. Seek legal advice right away. An attorney will know how to send out letters to make sure that things don’t get cleaned up before pictures can be made and other things like that.

Third, you need to go to an attorney that specializes in personal injury cases and is willing to take a case to trial. If you go to that type of attorney from the beginning, you are preparing for the worst and you’re hoping for the best. An attorney that is willing to take the cases to trial is well-known by the insurance companies. It changes how they behave when they see an attorney they know is willing to go to trial versus an attorney they know that might not be specializing in trials and might not go to court that often.

There’s three things you need to do. One, you need to seek medical attention. Number Two, you need to seek legal advice right away. Three, you need to find an attorney that is willing to take your case to trial and is used to preparing cases to go to trial. By doing that, you’ve prepared for the worst and you are able to hope for the best. You can hope that you can resolve your case without having to go to trial, but you’re prepared to, if you need to.

We prepare our cases in our office to go to trial. Feel free to call our office for further help. We are here. Give us a call.

3. What is an unsafe condition of property in a premises liability case?

Recently, someone from North Carolina called me and told me they had been hurt at a shopping mall. They wanted to know if the mall had an obligation to have protected them from the trip hazard that occurred. A trip hazard in North Carolina can be three things.

It can be a trip hazard that is unrepaired and not eliminated. It can be a trip hazard that is unguarded so that you can’t fall in it. Finally, it can be a trip hazard that patrons were not warned of. It can’t be guarded, so yellow tape has to be put around it, orange cones have to be put around it, yellow flags, etc.

Those are the types of trip hazards that can occur in North Carolina in shopping malls, in stores, and even in personal residences. If you have been injured by these types of trip hazards where these things weren’t done, you need to call an experienced premises liability attorney. Call our office and we can help you.

You need to call our office quickly because things change, evidence gets swept away, and sometimes insurance adjusters will be calling you and being pushy about getting a statement. Call our office about these three types of trip hazards that can harm people and may have harmed you. Give our office a call.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured on another person’s property in North Carolina and have more questions? After checking out our 3 premises liability questions, contact experienced Richmond County, NC premises liability lawyer H. Bright Lindler today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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